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Art Invest India provides an assurance, on behalf of our sellers, that every art work showcased for sale on our website is a genuine art work of the artist to which it has been credited. Our art works are sourced from authentic sources and directly from artists. These artworks are subsequently screened and authenticated by the gallery and independent experts.

The authenticity of an art work is guaranteed by Art Invest India for a period of one year. Authenticity, in relation to a specific art work, will mean compliance of that artwork with the description provided on our website, with particular reference to the name of the artist to which it has been credited, its title (if any), the date of the art work, the school of art (if mentioned), dimensions, medium, etc.

In the extremely unlikely event that within one year from the sale of the artwork it is proved that the art work you have purchased was not authentic, please bring this to the notice of Art Invest India.

  1. Any claim should be made within one calendar year from the date of sale of the respective art work.
  2. The buyer will need to submit examinable proof that shows the questionable authenticity from an established and renowned authority.
  3. Should we decide on the legitimacy of your claim on the basis of the proof submitted and deem that the price you would have been willing to pay for the art work would have been significantly affected, had you been aware of the questionable authenticity at the time of purchase, Art Invest India will rescind the sale.
  4. The price paid for the item along with the shipping costs will be refunded on receipt of the respective art work from you by us. This art work will consequently be returned to the seller for recovery of the proceeds of the sale.
  5. Art Invest India will examine such claims for rescinding sales on a case-to-case basis and our decision in this regard will be final and binding.

This authenticity guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The art work in question was purchased indisputably through Art Invest India.
  2. The claim is made by the buyer as registered with Art Invest India (the benefit of the claim is not assignable to any subsequent owners or others who may acquire or have an interest in any of the items)
  3. The said art work is returned in the same condition that it was in at the time of its delivery to buyer.
  4. At the time of sale, there was technique available which could determine that the item was not authentic.
  5. Art Invest India reserves the right to submit the art work under question for examination by two recognised experts in the field (mutually agreed to and acceptable to Art Invest India and the Buyer) to corroborate said claim, at your expense, before we arrive at our conclusion to rescind the sale and offer the refund under our authenticity guarantee. The opinion of these experts shall not be binding Art Invest India.
  6. Should the seller fail to refund the proceeds on return of the art work of questionable authenticity, the Buyer will return the item to Art Invest India and authorise Art Invest India to act as his/her agent and initiate legal proceedings against the seller. Any and all costs of such legal proceedings undertaken by us against the seller will be to the cost of the Buyer
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